Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to Law 12

I hope that all of you had a great summer and are ready to start another great year here at St. Pat's and in this class.

I will be using this class blog throughout the year to post assignments, thoughts and questions for you to respond to.  

I have posted some power point slides on our school web site (under  - Academic Programs - Social Studies - Law 12).  I would recommend that you print these and use them as a reference for your notes.

Our first question:  Do we need laws in our society?  What purpose do they (laws) service?  To help us come to a complete answer I would like you to read about two recent events that have occured - one here in Vancouver and the other in London.  Both of these cities have had incidents of rioting and lawlessness in their streets.

Review the following links (and others that you may find).  After you have done some research answer the following question:

Why do riots start?  In answering this question we may come to a better understanding of the role of law in our society 

London Riots

Vancouver Riots